Welcome to the new Macaroni and Glue! I’m Natalie!

I have always thought that the internet was a great tool, used for many things (and taking over the world) I never really got into using it though but, here I am, with my first blog. Since I Iove making crafts, I decided to make this blog all about artsy things. You may have already read another blog like this (Pinterest) I am also one of those blogs that give you clear step by step instructions. But think about this, were those other blogs written by  a nine year old? Do they have, just a site you can go on to that is easy to navigate and has simple but cool crafts? I also have an etsy shop that I inherited from my mom so check out macaroniandglue.etsy.com if you don’t have the time to make the things that you like on here or just need some cards because pretty soon, I will be designing cards that you can order. Thank you so incredibly much for reading all of this “little” intro entry!